Tabitha Taboo

Vibrant! Vivacious! Flirtatious! Please put your hands together for the sensational Tabitha Taboo!

A delectable mixture of frisky frolics and whimsicality, with a dash of European retro chic. Add to that a little B movie charm and a sprinkle of What The Butler Saw and you’ll find the main characteristics of her mise en scene.

In 2011 Tabitha stole the hearts of judges at London Burlesque Festival, taking away the award for Best New Striptease. She has since gone on to titillate and tease adoring audiences across the UK and Europe, returning to the festival’s World Burlesque Games Opening Ceremonies in 2012 as a special guest performer.

This year she was interviewed for a feature in Cosmopolitan magazine, and most recently she graced the silver screen as a fabulous 1950s showgirl in Michael Winterbottom’s glamorous biopic of Paul Raymond, The Look of Love (released in UK cinemas 26 April).

Allow yourself to be entranced by Tabitha as she takes you on a thrilling journey full of mischief and pleasure.

Sit back, and get ready for your very own Taboo experience…