A glance at the year behind us – Personal highlights of 2013!

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The beginning of 2013 gifted me with the opportunity to plunge head first into the world I love and my goodness, what a journey it’s been so far!

Not long after I clicked my heels, packed my bags and ran off to join the circus (also know as full-time self-employment) was I greeted by my behind proudly splashed across the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine. Soon to be followed by my tassel-shakers gracing the silver screen alongside my Alan Partridge hero Mr Steve Coogan and the lovely Anna Friel in The Look of Love movie. I was utterly delighted by the entire experience from start to finish, including the game of “spot the Burly girl” I played at the private screening in the luxurious Mayfair Hotel – fabulous to be part of such a great project with the creme de la creme of Burlesque beauties!

Spring came along and suckered me into what was to be an ongoing love affair with The Bobbin Bistro, where I am very pleased to announce that my residency has been renewed for 2014. I performed at this darling restaurant (once a Victorian Haberdashers) in May, and was distressed to learn that it would be the closing night of the venue, and would be stripped of its beautiful decor and turned into a dreadful office. However, the night proved to be such a success that promoter Melanie Lane obtained the lease, saved the venue, and is now the proud owner of The Bobbin, holding fabulous events alongside a wonderful team of people including chef Paul Dixon; who braves the glitter shower every month in order to provide us with a dressing room!

June brought the launch of my website, and much effort from my beloved Mr Taboo of Symetria Ltd, and Rob Sayles of The Designory to make it the perfect home for my musings, and a place to share the Taboo love! A big thank you to you both.

One of the major highlights for me this year has to be performing in the 11th Annual New York Burlesque Festival, certainly a dream come true!
New York was a fantastic city, and I can only hope to return there soon. I have my lovely friends and fans to thank for helping me achieve my goal through Indiegogo, and I hope there were many happy faces as the postman delivered your Limited Edition artworks and photos adorned with lipstick kisses!!
Take a peek at my previous blog http://www.tabithataboo.com/so-good-they-named-it-twice/ for highlights of the trip and a few snaps.

My next filming adventure came in the shape of E4’s new show Drifters, a female-led follow up to highly successful comedy The Inbetweeners. Whilst the portrayal of Burlesque was certainly questionable, and perhaps more akin to a gentleman’s club, it was a great couple of days working with and meeting some lovely people. Episode 5 featured a familiar derrière and was aired in late November.

Another major event this year has to be the World Burlesque Games. I always have such a great time at Chaz’s gigs – that guy knows how to put on a show!
The fact that I didn’t receive an award for British Crown didn’t hamper my experience, the standard was so high this year that I feel proud to have even been a part of it, and I loved introducing Taboobee to such an awesome audience. I can hardly wait for LBF14!

And so that brings me to the end of 2013, and I look back fondly at the year’s progress, if only to remind myself that despite the hard work and set of obstacles that self-employment brings, I must remember to be thankful for the opportunity to do what I love. I couldn’t achieve any of it without the love and support of my friends, family and of course, my Taboo fans.

Last year was seen in with a bang (quite literally!) with Mr Taboo and gorgeous fellow performers Marianne Cheesecake, Reuben Kaye, and Kiki Lovechild – a fabulous evening for sure!
This year, I’ll be sipping a glass or two of bubbles with some dear friends, and enjoying a well-deserved rest before 2014 sweeps me off my feet…

…I’m ready!

Tabitha Taboo
x x x