New year, new collaborations, new acts!

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Tabitha Taboo, Love Kitten

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, albeit a little late, but I’ve been saving my first post of the year until I could share some exciting happenings with you!

My appearance at London Burlesque Festival 2014 has been confirmed for Saturday 17th May at the Crown Jewels show (Conway Hall), where I will be debuting a brand new act. Currently a work in progress, let’s just say that I will be revisiting an old favourite theme of mine, and it involves a rather large ball of wool…

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You may remember that last year, much to my delight, my residency at The Bobbin was confirmed for 2014, a lovely venue in Oxfordshire full of charm and history. Then the beginning of this year was met with the sad news that the venue would be closing down due to difficulty keeping the place running. However…I am really pleased to say that two of the current employees will now take over at The Bobbin, keeping the magic alive and saving the lovely restaurant for the second time! As with many independent businesses, it is a struggle in such hard times to stay adrift, and any show of support (including moral) always goes a long way. Please take a moment to visit their Facebook page and give them a “Like”, even better if you happen to be in the area and fancy paying them a visit!

Kitty Devine (left) and Tabitha Taboo (right) as Folly Mixtures

Kitty Devine (left) and Tabitha Taboo (right) as Folly Mixtures

And finally…! It is with great pleasure that (after lots of secret rehearsals!) I can officially confirm that I am now part of the Folly Mixture family! It’s been delightful getting to know these gorgeous ladies better and I am so looking forward to performing with them throughout the year. My adventures will be embarked upon alongside some other lovely ladies who most likely need no introduction: Peggy de Lune, Dolly Rose, Kitty Devine, and Storm Hooper.

My Folly cherry was popped at Mumu Cabaret Restaurant where Kitty and I appeared as Folly bunnies in one of the troupe’s most popular numbers! We have several more dates already set, so look out for announcements on Facebook and catch me and the other lovely ladies in a Folly Mixtures show soon!

Until next time…

Yours lovingly,

Tabitha Taboo

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